140 dogs for adoption at Dogs’ Refuge Home in Shenton Park


Keep 101 Dalmatians away – there are 22 border collies in desperate need of a new home.

The Dogs’ Refuge Home in Shenton Park is packed after a record number of surrenders over the Christmas period, bringing the total number of rescues handled by the shelter to 140 – with another 60 currently in homes of Home.

This includes 22 border collies, including six puppies, who all arrived at the WA area shelter on Friday.

One of these dogs is also pregnant and is expected to give birth to up to 10 more puppies in the next few days.

While the border collies have just been vaccinated and will need to remain in quarantine for the next 10 days, Dogs’ Refuge Home President Karen Rhodes said there is no shortage of other dogs available for immediate adoption.

Camera iconAislin Hall with some of the puppies up for adoption. Credit: Daniel Wilkins / The West Australian

They include Tana the Great Dane on three legs and two bonded pairs: Rottweiler and Rhodesian Ridgeback Ruby and Caesar, and the staff cross paths with Lucy and Max who have traveled to Perth from Broome.

Ms Rhodes said the volume of surrenders was not unusual over Christmas, but the influx of border collies at the same time meant the refuge’s quarantine facilities were completely full and unable to accept further rescues.

“It froze our system, we already had a full list of vets, and then these 22 dogs suddenly showed up at our door,” she said.

“Unfortunately, we cannot save any more dogs until we have rehoused some of the 140 rescued animals we currently have in our kennels and we need the community of Perth to help us with adopting or considering lifting the hand to favor one of our dogs temporarily to free up space for dogs that we currently cannot accommodate.


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