Birds see spots at Upper Mississippi Refuge center in La Crosse – and the spots save their lives | 97 Seven Country WGLR – Best Tri-State Country Strain


The dots are on decals installed as a safety precaution so birds do not slam against windows and suffer injury or death at the La Crosse District Visitor Center.

The upper Mississippi region is a popular route for migrating birds, as the refuge’s grassland, forest, marsh, and river habitats provide important food and nesting materials they need to survive.

The district received a $5,000 grant from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service‘s Migratory Bird Division as part of a “bird-friendly facilities” challenge last year.

The grant provided the new dot pattern window decals to replace the old window treatments that were weathered and faded at the district office at N5727 County Road Z in Onalaska.

Birds don’t see glass well — they see reflections of the sky or plants inside or outside homes and assume they can fly through glass, according to a press release from the shelter. Many are injured or killed when they collide with the immovable glass.

The decals help birds see the glass and avoid accidents, while not blocking the view of the interior too much for visitors, the press release said.

Nearly one billion birds per year collide with glass in the United States, and most fatalities occur in buildings less than four stories high, such as district headquarters.

Sanctuary officials are also encouraging homeowners to take steps to protect declining songbird populations.

“Decorating with specialty paints, making string fringe, or applying strips of tape or dot-patterned decals makes the glass more visible,” the statement read. “The key to an effective window treatment is to space the treatments against each other.”

People looking to update the glass around their home or business can find product recommendations and tips for applying them to the Fish and Wildlife Website.


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