Today’s world is still rushing – we are rushing to work from home, to the children to kindergarten, to meetings, to the family, out of town … We are constantly on the move. Freely moving around the city and beyond certainly makes the car easier. Big, small, new or used – the type of vehicle depends on you and your needs. And also financial possibilities. For this we have a proven way that will solve your problems. Car loan Merdle , Kolbuszowa car loan as well as in other Polish cities is our specialty – find out more!


Car loan in the bank – learn about three types of car loans

Car loan in the bank - learn about three types of car loans

What should you know about a car loan before visiting the bank? Maybe at the beginning we will show you the types of this loan. Yes, when talking about a loan for your dream car, the employee of the facility will present (or at least should) three suggestions. Here they are!

Three types of car loans offered at banks:

  1. Standard loan – the name already suggests what to expect. It is associated with monthly repayment of principal and interest installments concluded for any period. The bank does not require any own contribution in this case.
  2. One-time loan – a car bank representative will talk about it – related to a specific brand. A large down payment is required for this loan, e.g. 50%. For example, the customer pays the remaining amount only after a year. These are so-called 50/50, 60/40 loans in advertisements, etc. It is worth noting that these loans do not bear interest.
  3. Balloon loan – this form of financing the purchase of a car involves the payment of a high last installment – in the amount of 20% of the vehicle value at the time of purchase. Earlier, the repayment looks similar to standard loans – the difference is the last installment. It should be noted that in this case no own contribution (of the future) driver is required.


Car loan Merdle in our facility – what does the company from Kolbuszowa propose?

Car loan Merdle in our facility - what does the company from Kolbuszowa propose?

You have already learned the types of loans that bank employees and dealer partner points will offer. And what can we – experienced representatives, who know the financial industry from the inside out? First of all, we don’t care about the goal – whether you spend money on a car or eventually go on a journey of a lifetime does not matter to us. Your needs are your business. We will review the application not in a few weeks, but in as little as ten minutes. Is it possible? Yes! Because we limit the formalities related to car loans or other purposes to the necessary minimum. What do we need to give you a loan? In many cases, you only need to submit a relevant statement – you do not need documents from the tax office or certificates from your employer. You don’t need to have a fixed-term contract – we accept various forms of income. We do not need collateral for loans repaid up to 120 months.


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