Family shelter center and volunteers to count homeless people in Greenbrier and Monroe counties


The Family Refuge Center is partnering with the West Virginia Coalition to End Homelessness to count the number of homeless people in Greenbrier and Monroe counties.

The Point-In Time poll takes place every year during the last two weeks of January across the country. Each county in the state will take its numbers to register.

Meanwhile, in Greenbrier and Monroe counties, volunteers and those at the Family Refuge Center will count the number of people sheltered and unprotected and use those numbers to secure resources to support themselves in the future.

Stefani Keys, shelter manager for the Family Refuge Center, said the information helps raise funds in needed areas.

“What they actually do with this data is that it gets passed on to federal convention and the government, which really helps us get any kind of funding so that we can actually get homeless shelters in. the state of West Virginia, ”Keys said.

According to the West Virginia Coalition to End Homelessness, last year Greenbrier County had 9 housed people and 3 non-housed people and across the service area, including 44 of the 55 counties, there were 567 people housed. and 100 people not accommodated.

This effort will begin tomorrow, January 22, at 4 p.m. and will go until 4 p.m. Wednesday. If you would like to volunteer, you can email Stefani at or call the Family Refuge Center at 304-645-6334.


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