Obtaining a car loan on fixed term is not always obvious, however it is possible to find organizations that can respond favorably to this request with the free online simulator.

Auto loan and CDD: is it possible?

Auto loan and CDD: is it possible?

The fixed-term contract is a temporary contract and necessarily, the banks will be attentive because beyond this contract, they have no visibility on the sustainability of the borrower’s income. As a result, even though some borrowers are confident that they will be able to obtain a new loan, the banks will not go down that road and remain cautious. It is indeed possible to obtain a car loan by being on fixed term, it is ideal that the duration of the loan is less than that of the CDD and / or be accompanied by a co-borrower with a long-term contract.

Whether in classic purchase or in leasing, a feasibility study is necessary which will make it possible to check the capacity to borrow of the applicant but also its professional situation, elements sifted by the banking advisers and which will require to send documents (statements of account, employment contract, pay slips, identity card …). CDD financing is possible, but only an online simulation can validate this feasibility or not.

Auto loan: getting financing in fixed-term contracts

Auto loan: getting financing in fixed-term contracts

When a borrower is on a fixed-term contract, he is not in a position of strength with the bank, which may legitimately decide not to finance his file, but solutions exist to convince the financial institutions and obtain his car loan. The first solution is to present healthy bank accounts, without burrs, which allows to prove that one is good manager, and that, the banks appreciate.

The second solution is to use alternative financing such as loans between individuals. The idea is to use a loan platform between individuals or a friend, a neighbor to obtain financing. This mode is however to be taken with care to avoid falling on a scam, this relationship is essentially based on trust. Lastly, waiting for a permanent contract or the use of a co-borrower will facilitate the chances of obtaining financing for the desired vehicle.

Simulate your car loan in CDD

It is possible as specified above that the car credit is obtained in fixed term, it is however necessary to validate this possibility with the simulator on line. Its operation is relatively simple since it involves filing a car loan application, taking care to specify its financial and personal situation. After validation, you receive the first loan offers from the various organizations agreeing to finance auto loans to borrowers on fixed term, it is completely free and above all without commitment.

The idea of ​​comparing offers allows to choose the best financing on its own criteria, a choice provided by the simulator that performs an automatic search for financial organizations and their banking products, of which the auto loan is a natural part.

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