Mother sends breastfeeding products to Poland to help Ukrainian mothers


A mother has used her Instagram page to collect donations for breastfeeding products to send to Ukrainian mothers seeking refuge in Poland.

Emily Page, 35, owner of Mama’s Milk, an independent business selling breastfeeding accessories and breastfeeding specialist, wanted to help Ukrainian mothers who she discovered were “hiding in basements and in the metro” information, under the impulse of her. maternal instincts.

Emily Page (Emily Page/PA)

The Ministry of Defense reported on March 2 that more than 660,000 civilians have been displaced due to the invasion of Ukraine, many of them women and children.

Ms Page, who has a daughter, Foxx, three, and is based in Lincoln, told the PA news agency: ‘I find it really hard to watch the news without crying.

“You can’t imagine yourself being in this situation.

“I can’t imagine being separated with my daughter from my companion in such a situation, having to leave him in a country at war and having to flee to save his life with his children, it’s horrifying.

“My first immediate thoughts were how do they feed their babies? Where do they get their drinking water from?

“I was desperately thinking of something I could do. I didn’t have a lot of money to give away, but I had stock in my business.

She used her Instagram platform, @mamas.mlik, in particular the Stories feature, to chat with her followers about how they could help Ukrainians on February 25.

She asked her followers, “If I put my stock up for sale for donations you can buy, I will match every product someone else buys.

“You buy one, I’ll give one away.”

Collectively, the group packed silicone breast pumps, reusable breast pads, breastmilk collection shells and nipple shields, sourced from Ms Page’s stock, as well as hand sanitizer and products hygienic that she bought in stores.

Products sent to Poland
Products sent to Poland (Emily Page/PA)

She added that when visiting a B&M to buy sanitary products, the manager “gave me 10% off the shop”.

In order to ensure that the products reach Poland, Ms Page has partnered with Bridge To Unity, a community interest company which set up a crowdfunder on February 25 to buy and deliver medical supplies and must travel to Poland. between Friday March 4th and Saturday March 5th. .

“One of my followers actually recommended Bridge To Unity to me, so I messaged them straight away.”

The products were collected from Ms Page’s home on Tuesday March 1 and delivered to Bridge To Unity the following day, and are expected to arrive in Poland on Sunday March 6.

Emily's products reach Bridge to Unity
Emily’s products reach Bridge to Unity (Emily Page/PA)

Ms Page said she hoped to continue supporting Ukrainians through donations when she got more stock.


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