Service personnel banned from traveling to Ukraine, Defense Ministry says


The Ministry of Defense said military personnel were not allowed to travel to Ukraine amid reports of British soldiers missing without permission to fight Russia.

The statement follows reports that a 19-year-old Coldstream Guardsman is among four missing British soldiers feared to have traveled to Ukraine after the Russian invasion.

A Defense Ministry spokesperson added: “All military personnel are prohibited from traveling to Ukraine until further notice.

“This applies whether the service person is on leave or not. Staff traveling to Ukraine will face disciplinary and administrative consequences.

The Ministry of Defense added that it would not comment on specific cases.

According to The Sun, a teenage Coldstream Guardsman, who was based at Windsor Barracks, wrote a farewell letter to his parents and bought a ticket to Poland over the weekend with the aim of crossing over to Ukraine.

All travel to Ukraine is prohibited on official UK military advice.

It states that traveling to Ukraine to fight or to help others engaged in the conflict may be against the law and result in prosecution.

Another problem is that the UK has limited consular support in Ukraine and is unlikely to be able to offer assistance to anyone in the country.

It is understood that British defense chiefs are well aware of the desire of returnees to help Ukrainians after the Russian invasion, but the only support they can provide is defensive in nature.

The UK is working with its allies to provide a range of support to Ukraine, including building that nation’s defense capability.

Defense Secretary Ben Wallace (DoD/AP handout)

Defense Secretary Ben Wallace, who served in the Scots Guards, has previously urged Britons not to travel to Ukraine to join the fighting as he said the “very dangerous” situation could lead to their deaths.

Mr Wallace said he ‘no more wants to see Britons killed than I want to see Ukrainians’ die after Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said earlier she would ‘absolutely’ support British nationals who chose to go and help fight the Russian invasion. .

Downing Street later effectively contradicted Ms Truss, as Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s official spokesperson said: ‘We think the best way to help Ukraine at this time is to make Putin fail. .

“Brits can show their support for this in a number of ways, and the Ukrainian Embassy in London is posting information on how Brits can support this.

“We fully recognize the strength of feelings of Britons who want to support Ukrainians after the Russian invasion. There is advice on travel to Ukraine, we currently advise against travel to Ukraine.


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