$480 million luxury hotel and superyacht marina district – Gold Coast


A development application has been submitted for a new 6-star luxury hotel and marina as part of the redevelopment of the Marina Cover site, located at 60 and 64 Seaworld Drive, Main Beach, Gold Coast (The Spit).

Designed by Kennon, the proposal is for one hundred and fifty (150) medium density hotel rooms, restaurants and a variety of retail outlets within the U-shaped building with a maximum building height of 3 stories (less than 15m from above). The existing “Mariner’s Cove” shopping center will be removed to facilitate redevelopment of the site.

Ground floor
Public promenade, marine amphitheater and tavern

The proposal is seen as meeting the exclusivity of nearby hotels along the strip of low-rise hotels that will transform this part of The Spit and seeks to maintain the intent of the master plan prepared by the state government .

The proposal includes a public pedestrian link between Seaworld Drive and the public promenade above Broadwater. The public promenade is planned along the entire frontage of the marina to allow pedestrian connections to the ground floor of the hotel which offers high-end retail stores, bars and restaurants among a public plaza.

Rental areas
– 11,470 m²: Land lease area
– 27,997 m²: maritime lease area
– 4,268 m²: Sea Lease Area (extension proposal)

Development details
– 3 floors, 15m high
– SPA Wellness Retreat (662 m²:)
– Bar (348m²)
– Tavern (1,042 m²)
– Retail / food and outdoor catering premises (2,999 m²)
– 150 hotel rooms (on 2 floors)
– 67 Beth Marina (preserved) + Extension
– Marine amphitheater
– Common area on the roof (3,455 m²)
– Hotel swimming pool and surrounding seating
– Pool bar area
– Function/recreation space
– Landscaped gardens

The proposal provides for 441 parking spaces in the 3 basement levels and 46 spaces for bicycles in the basements and the ground floor. Vehicle access and drop off area are both offered for Seaworld Drive via a shared driveway. The drop-off area is positioned in front of the residential lobby, dining room and cafe. Pedestrian access to the esplanade and retail businesses is provided through a center passage to the street frontage of the site.

The proposal provides 5,233m² of gross floor area (GFA), with a site coverage of 8,226.28m² (71.72%) over the 11,470m² rental area.

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Application information and references
– Filing date: July 29, 2022
– Council reference: COM/2022/243
– Address: 60 and 64 Seaworld Drive, Main Beach, Gold Coast
– Area: Central
– Neighborhood plan: District 5 (Village Center Sud) of the Spit Master Plan
– Application Report: Radian Planning Group
– Design drawings: Kennon
– Landscaping: Durie Design Group
– Interactive image: Google Street view and Aerial

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