‘A boon’: Free shuttle started for some Fresno-area residents in need

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) — For some residents of Three Palms Mobile Home Park, getting around has become a big deal.

Only half a mile away is a grocery store, but no direct way to walk there – unless you cross a busy street.

Resident Stephen Large describes what he and the other residents had to resort to.

“Illegally crossing the tracks and cutting a high-pressure fence, doing whatever they were doing to get to that mall,” he says.

That’s why they’re grateful for a new, free transportation option — a free shuttle provided by the Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission.

“This EOC bus is a godsend,” says Large.

The shuttle is designed to connect residents to essential services like medical appointments or grocery shopping.

Councilman Miguel Arias said an elderly person was killed while walking along the interchange on Highway 99 and Clinton just weeks ago.

That’s why services not only target residents of the mobile home park, but also those of rural Fresno County West Park and the Veterans’ Home.

“Our seniors and those in the California Veterans Home, our vets, need to be connected to the public transit system to be able to access vital medical services like groceries and also be able to enjoy a movie,” Arias says.

At a town hall in April, residents expressed concerns about the lack of public transport.

Political lawyer Karla Martinez has lobbied for access to safer routes.

“We believe that regardless of your race, income, ethnicity, you should be able to access these basic necessities,” Martinez said.

The shuttle will run Monday through Saturday and will make stops at stores such as Vallarta, Walmart, Marketplace, Fashion Fair and Courthouse Park.

The bus can hold up to 20 people and is wheelchair accessible.

The shuttle will have multiple pick up and drop off times.

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