A luxury hotel will host Ukrainian refugees for free


A luxury hotel in Cheltenham will soon welcome Ukrainian refugees free of charge. The DoubleTree by Hilton Cheltenham says it will take in families displaced from their homeland due to war with Russia – and will not charge them for it.

Staff at the Cirencester Road hotel, Charlton Kings, await confirmation of how many refugees will arrive and when. The hotel is one of four owned by Lethendy Estates Limited that are opening their doors to the ever-increasing number of refugees.

The others are in Elstree, Stoke-on-Trent and Bolton. Officials say hotels will provide accommodation, food and essentials for families after company directors decide this should be the case.

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The hotels have so far accommodated 11 Ukrainians from different parts of their country, with more rooms being made available depending on occupancy. A company spokesperson said: “We are proud to offer this program at our hotels across the UK.

“We have already welcomed several families from Ukraine and hope to welcome many more refugees in the coming weeks. This program would not have been possible without the support of Sterling Law, which helped identify and provide legal support to refugees on a legal aid basis.

Dr Boris Mints, as settlor of the MF Trust, part of which is Lethendy Estates Limited, said: “We were shocked and sickened by the scenes of desperate families fleeing Ukraine after Putin’s invasion.

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“This is the most tragic event of the 21st century to date. My family condemns the actions of the Putin regime in Ukraine.

“We want to support and help the people of Ukraine and we are very happy that the administrators of Lethendy Estates Limited have decided to take this step. We are grateful to the hotel staff who are ensuring that everyone who calls the hotels home over the next few months is well taken care of.

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