Blood found on walls of luxury hotel where daycare worker ‘shot husband after learning he molested children’


BLOOD has been found on the walls of a luxury hotel room where a daycare worker allegedly shot her husband after learning he molested children.

Maryland resident Shanteari Weems was arrested for the shooting after barricading herself in the couple’s room at an upscale hotel in Washington DC.


A Maryland woman barricaded herself in a luxury hotel room in Washington DC for an hour last week after allegedly shooting her husbandCredit: Fox 5
The 50-year-old daycare worker told authorities she shot her husband in the hotel room after learning he allegedly molested children.


The 50-year-old daycare worker told authorities she shot her husband in the hotel room after learning he allegedly molested children.Credit: Fox 5

The shooting took place Thursday at the Mandarin Oriental hotel. The woman told authorities she shot her husband after hearing he had ‘molested children’ at the daycare center she operates, The Washington Post reported.

The couple were in a hotel room when the shot was fired, which reportedly set off a smoke detector.

Reacting to the sound of the alarm, a member of hotel staff entered the room “and observed blood on the wall”, the newspaper reported.

By the time officers arrived at the scene, Weems had locked herself and her husband in the room.

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As the tense situation unfolded, people were rushed out of the hotel.

It would have taken law enforcement an hour to enter the room.

Once they managed to break into the hotel room, they arrested Weems and transported the victim to the hospital for treatment.

According to the Washington Post, the 50-year-old has been charged with multiple counts, including “assault with intent to kill, assault with a dangerous weapon, possession of a firearm without a license, and possession of a firearm unregistered fire”.

Two weapons were reportedly found at the scene and authorities say the male victim was shot in the leg and head.

The victim has not been arrested and the allegations of child abuse have not been substantiated or proven.

The Baltimore County Police spokesperson said they are investigating the situation and “monitoring recent developments,” according to the Baltimore Sun.

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The Lil’ Kidz Kastle daycare center the woman operates near Baltimore has reportedly been closed as “the investigation progresses,” the spokesperson said.

The victim is believed to be a retired police officer from the Baltimore City Police Department.


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