Boston prepares for MBTA Orange Line shutdown by creating lanes for shuttles


BOSTON — Preparatory work in Boston was underway Sunday night ahead of an overhaul of the MBTA’s Orange Line. New road markings will make more space for shuttles in service.

A 30-day shutdown of the Orange Line will begin this Friday. This comes after several high-profile security incidents and pressure from federal investigators.

Crews from the Boston Department of Transportation marked the roadway around Copley Square toward Back Bay Station on Sunday to create a designated bus lane.

Last week, the MBTA released The Rider’s Guide to Planning Aheadwhich provides alternative travel options for 20 Orange Line stations that will be affected by the closure.

MBTA’s transportation alternatives for the Orange Line shutdown, which begins August 19.


It is criticized by commuters as confusing and unclear.

For now, shuttles will be the primary alternative for most of the Orange Line, except for four downtown stops between State and Tufts Medical Center.

These buses are expected to impact the roads and driving may experience additional congestion.

In addition to shuttles, the city announced that Blue Bikes will be free during the month-long shutdown.

MBTA riders told WBZ-TV they were preparing for chaos.

“I know the shuttle is going to take forever to come and it’s probably going to be really crowded so honestly I’m not really happy about that but I guess they’re doing what they can,” one woman said. .

“It’s an inconvenience, all the money I’m paying for this, it’s like how are you going to stop all this. Us just to stop our life?” said a man.

The MBTA is expected to provide more details and options to riders at a press conference scheduled for Monday.


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