MBTA is upgrading the Green and Red Lines, shuttles will replace trains next month


The MBTA is making improvements to the Red and Green Lines, two of its busiest routes, and shuttles will replace trains next month.

As part of its Green Line transformation programme, preparatory work for track upgrades on the Green Line Branch B will take place from June 6 to 10, with construction due to begin on June 20, according to a Project update email from head of MBTA Capital Transformation Angel Péna.

“A full access closure will occur on Branch B between Boston College and Kenmore, June 20 through July 1, with shuttle buses replacing service,” Pena said.

Lane closures will be required at Linden Street and Commonwealth Avenue westbound from Brighton to Harvard avenues. Commonwealth Avenue will be reduced to one lane of traffic in each direction between Washington Street and Summit Avenue, as well as between Lake Street and Greycliff Road near Boston College.

Pena said the work is part of more than 10,000 feet of track upgrades that will be completed on Branches B, C, D and E from June through October.

The upgrades will be completed concurrently with the Green Line Train Protection System, a $212 million project that the T says “combines vehicles and wayside equipment to prevent collisions between trains , adds red light protection and integrates speed control”.

To accommodate the incoming fleet of new Red Line trains, the T is also inviting bids for its Codman Yard Expansion and Improvement Project, which will increase the capacity of the yard – where Red Line cars are stored, maintained and deployed.

As part of its Red Line transformation programme, the T said the project also aims to improve overall reliability and quality of service for passengers on its most popular rail line.

“Sites are critical to providing efficient service to the entire system,” said MBTA Managing Director Steve Poftak. “Improving Codman Yard is the first step in improving the quality of service for all Red Line riders and the surrounding community.”

Codman Yard has 16 storage lanes, which can hold approximately 70 vehicles. The works will consist of replacing the existing tracks and constructing six new storage tracks, which will increase the storage capacity to more than 100 cars, said the T.

The MBTA is spending $1 billion to replace its aging Red and Orange Line fleets with new cars made by Chinese company CRRC. The plan would end up delivering 252 Red Line cars and 152 Orange Line cars over the next few years. By mid-May, 10 red and 74 orange trains had been delivered.

Other improvements planned at the Codman yard include replacement of the inspection pit, Ashmont double crossing, vehicle washing, lighting and power supply throughout the yard “to provide an expanded, improved rail yard and fully functional,” said T.

When asked Monday, an MBTA spokesperson could not provide an estimate of the cost of the upgrades at the Codman yard. The T expects to award the construction contract this summer, begin work in the fall, and complete the project in the fall of 2025.


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