Travelers prefer luxury hotel stay to camping when visiting national park: Poll


Yahoo Finance Live anchors check out a Twitter poll asking which accommodation national park visitors would prefer the most.

Video transcript

SEANA SMITH: Ok, well, there has been a lot of traffic in our national parks, but where would most people like to stay when visiting these areas? We were discussing this in our morning meeting, so we wanted to offer you a Twitter poll.

And that’s where things changed. 40% agree with Scott, saying they want to spend their time in a national park at a luxury hotel. 33% say they would prefer to stay in town. 26% say neither. They want to camp. They want to do vanlife. They really want to be one with nature.

But Dave, it all comes down to the fact that there’s just demand, and there’s an appetite out there, whatever segment you’re in. If you’re willing to cough up the extra cash, there will now be more and more luxury options for your stay. If you want to save money and go camping, as we can see from the results of our Twitter poll, there’s clearly an appetite out there. This is also a possibility. But with record numbers of people visiting these national parks, they are encountering a few more hospitality options.

DAVE BRIGGS: Yeah, and where you really see the spend not going down is at the high end of travel. I mean, you’ve talked to Singapore Airlines and some of these airlines that have been doing premium first class, first class family room type on planes, they’re sold out. They can’t have enough room for luxury travel. So that’s consistent with what we see in national parks.

I am a camper. I mean, I need a tent, a sleeping bag and the stars, but it doesn’t matter what I want because only matters what my wife wants. So, like a lot of guys there, we’re going to a luxury resort in a national park. So I think that’s probably indicated in that poll, Rachelle.

RACHELLE AKUFFO: I’m definitely the luxury person at the resort, because I haven’t taken a vacation, I don’t get away from anything, just to wash my own dishes and use the bathroom in the woods. I do not want that. I want to be comfortable. I really want to relax on my vacation. So I’m going with luxury all the way. I want to be clean, well-fed, and relaxed so I don’t have to take vacations.

SEANA SMITH: Yes, I think it’s important to have options for everyone. I grew up camping a lot, so it’s really a lot of fun. But I like a luxury vacation once in a while, so.

DAVE BRIGGS: You are a camper.

SEANA SMITH: Yes, I camped a lot.

DAVE BRIGGS: I’m glad to hear that, my friend.

SEANA SMITH: A lot of pleasure. I suggest everyone do it at least at some point.


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